PSAS/ software

This page is for the LV2c software development project, which overlaps with the Avionics. You may be interested in the old LV2SoftwareTeamHome or GroundTeamHome. Discussion occurs on our mailing list; see

  1. Projects
    1. Testing infrastructure
    2. Avionics software
    3. Tower software
    4. Ground software
    5. Analysis and other tools
  2. Tool Notes
  3. Notes on the LPC 2368 / LPC 2378
  4. Languages and Methodologies


Testing infrastructure

Not yet established, but may include

Avionics software

Tower software

This may remain unchanged from the LV2 avionics system.

Ground software

Analysis and other tools

Tool Notes

Notes on the LPC 2368 / LPC 2378

Languages and Methodologies