PSAS/ news/ 2002-08-18 - Larry goes it alone working on 2m radio interface

12:20 Well, I'm the only one here, and I've been here since 11:30 (with a brief appearance at about 11:05 before I went for coffee...)

So far I've been banging on the libraries for the Manual Backup app. I have d/l'ed and installed the RXTX library, and then I found a note that RXTX only supports Serial interface. We want Parallel port acess. DOH!

Now to spelunk back thru the Sun java docs and find the proper way to acess a parallel port from JAVA. The one I've found so far only lists downloads for Win32 and Solaris. Can I use this for GNU/Linux? Why Gnot?

I'm going to bail for home...I have some other stuff to do, and I'll get back to this tonite. Issues with the Manual Control...1. I need to commit this to CVS and get a backup. 2. The DTMFDial won't work w/o a soundcard...and Warspite (my Laptop) is not configd for sound yet. 3. Parallel port acess is not up yet 4. The GUI frontend is not even started 5. The hardware needs to be built.

I'll try to get the GUI built tonite before bed. It should be simple...right?

Larry -- ?LarryLeach - 18 Aug 2002