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The uncertainty team is tasked with achieving things that are unpredictable and very challenging. Of course, things which are certain and easily understood will be handled by other Teams.

We're doing research and implementation of probabilistic algorithms. In particular we are interested in all sorts of filtering: kalman unscented, kalman extended, sigma point kalman, particle and others. These are useful in estimating the position and orientation of a rocket given a diverse array of sensor inputs, all of which are incorrect in their own way. Without such estimation and eventually feeding back this information to our system, controlling a rocket's trajectory can be hugely difficult.

Please join our mailing list, or better yet stop by one of our meetings, we'd love to have your help!

Meetings: The uncertainty team meets weekly with the main group. See the PSAS schedule page for upcoming meetings.

Uncertainty Team Mailing list: psas-avionics

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