PSAS/ news/ 2005-10-12

Attending: ?JameySharp, ?JoshTriplett, ?TimWelch, IanOsgood

There is a lot of work ahead of us. Tonight we didn't have access to the PPC flight computer, so we discussed plans for the future instead. We will meet again next Tuesday, hopefully with a PPC FlightComputer in front of us. (Please fill in details.)

Uncertainty Team

Work on completing the GAINS prototype. It is currently in Perl, for its matrix math operations, but it doesn't deal with rotation at the moment. See the Uncertainty for a more complete TODO list.

Add more sensors, such as Differential GPS and a magnetometer. Maybe adjust gain/bias for environmental change (temperature).




Programming Language

General concensus was to use a higher level language than C for a lot of the higher level code. But which one?


Test First programming would be desireable, as would unit testing in general. This requires us to build more modular code.



With the destruction of LV2, much of the wiki content has become obsolete. We should clean up and update a lot of these pages, such as SoftwareToDo etc. That and root out Twiki content obsoleted by our move to ?MoinMoin.


Action Items

  1. Ian has a car, so he'll pick up the PPC FlightComputer from Andrew for next week's meeting. (Update: little did Ian know that his car battery had died. By the time he got it fixed, Andrew was in Wisconsin. Bummer.)
  2. Figure out and document installing and using a PPC cross-compiler toolchain. (Update: Josh has figured a lot of this out and posted directions linked from the Software.)