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The Software Team is composed of several people from the Avionics Team and Ground Team, with other software folks. It has its own mailing list. The software includes both Ground Software (Launch Control and Tower) and Flight Computer Software.

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Flight Computer Software

Flight Computer (FC) and Launch Tower Computer (LTC) setup

Ground Software


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Meeting Minutes

Date Summary
2005-10-12 Discuss plans for the future.
2005-03-16 Test Jamey's new driver/FC/sequencer changes, PPC discussions, rocketview changes.

Date Summary
2004-12-22 Software team meeting: more code cleanup
2004-12-15 Software team meeting
2004-12-07 Flight computer code review
2004-11-17 Simulator work; LV1 gyro/video data; new member introductions
2004-10-27 Software meeting: Cleanup on FC software
2004-07-20 FC/LTC infrastructure work: Jamey pity's the uncanny cantalope
2004-05-31 FC software braindump with James at his house.
2004-05-26 FC software with James on Speaker phone.
2004-03-24 CANtalope, GPS and the CAN driver.
2004-02-01 Joint meeting with Communications and Professor Jim Binkley about 802.11b and the Linux drivers

Date Summary
2003-11-18 CANtalope and CAN driver work
2003-11-11 CANtalope and CAN driver work
2003-11-04 CANtalope and CAN driver work
2003-10-07 Joint avionics meet, requirements for next launch
2003-09-21 Last last minute LTC/FC integration and debugging
?SoftwareTeamNotes29Jul2003 Status, Integration & Build, Protocol updates, LTC UI
2003-07-22 Non-PDX tasks, Protocols, LTC, Rocketview API, Routers
2003-07-08 Timestamp discussion
2003-07-01 State machine refinement, protocol additions
2003-06-24 Things to do by August 22nd; Try #6 on Flight Computer State Machine
2003-06-09 USENIX demo: can driver and FIFO bugfixes, rocketview net protocol fixes. Good to go!
2003-06-02 USENIX work: IMU->FC->802.11b->TC works! APS starting to work!
2003-04-16 Software status, todo
2003-03-12 Ground software architecture
2003-03-05 Message flow-derived flight computer software architecture
2003-02-26 Software Requirements, Schedules, State Machine, ?ActionTrackerPlugin
2003-02-19 Software Requirements, Task Assignments