PSAS/ FlightComputerArchitectures

Flight Computer Architectures

There have been several implementations of a flight computer application. Follow links from the table to find out more about them.

Architecture Airframe Architect Language Notes
LV1b Flight Software LV1b ?AndrewGreenberg PIC assembler Worked admirably
CanMuxer LV2 ?JameySharp C++, pthreads Got as far as a working dispatcher with TCP I/O
Renegade LV2 ?JamesPerkins C, processes Got CAN and UDP messages talking, and logger working
FifoArchitecture LV2 ?JamesPerkins C, processes, named pipes CAN, UDP, logger working. Sequencer and GPS->ATV interpretation is starting to come together
BlackboardArchitecture LV2 ?BartMassey C, pthreads Parts of this adopted, along with threading, in late 2004

There's also a discussion of CanMuxer, Renegade, and FIFO, the history of moving from one to the other, and a description of all software in the PSAS project, in the Usenix2003Paper topic.