PSAS/ MailingLists

PSAS Mailing Lists

If you're interested in our project, want to help, or just want to stay in touch, we have a number of mailing lists anyone may subscribe to.

When's the next launch?

If you just want the major updates, news about upcoming launches, major public events, etc. then subscribe to this list. It is very low volume, only a few posts per year.


The actually workaday discussions about our rocket are spread out on a couple of lists. The biggest lists are:

There's one more list, called psas-team, which is auto-generated from the list of psas-airframe, psas-avionics, and psas-misc. It's all of our active volunteers, so it's our big group list.

Everything else

A full list of mailing lists can be found here, but most lists are currently inactive. The lists above are the best place to start.