PSAS/ Teams

PSAS Teams

The PSAS is divided up into several functional teams.

Team Description
Airframe Design, construction and test of the rocket's airframe, aerodynamic surfaces, and recovery devices. Also includes flight simulations and launch hardware
Avionics Design, construction and test of the rocket's electronic systems, including radio antennas, sensors (e.g., GPS, inertial sensors), computers, microcontrollers, and microcontroller firmware. Also includes navigation and control.
Communications Design, construction and test of the rocket's RF communication systems, including transmitters, power amps, antennas, receivers, preamps, etc. Also includes ground communications.
GroundTeamHome Design, construction and test of the rocket's mobile ground support systems, including the launch tower, Launch Control Module (LCM), remote power, etc.
PayloadTeamHome Payload support for the rocket -- overlaps with airframe and avionics teams.
PropulsionTeamHome Design, construction and test of rocket motors. Now liquid, was paraffin hybrid.
Software Design, coding, and test of high-level-language software systems, including telemetry protocol, visualization tools, flight management and flight control software -- overlaps with avionics, ground, and uncertainty teams; as well as website administration
Uncertainty Research and implementation of control algorithms, such as Kalman filters and Bayesian particle filters

General science and research relating to rockets, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, the atmosphere, etc. would fall under the catagory of RocketScience, but we don't have a team for that because everyone can contribute.