PSAS/ AdminHome

PSAS Administrator's Collaborative Webpage

Things still to do:

  1. Current admin issue list.
  2. Remaining wiki conversion issues

Virtual Hosting Setup

Here is virtual host map of the PSAS subdomains:

URL Gets mapped to the wiki page index AdminHome Airframe Avionics GroundTeamHome LogisticsTeamHome PropulsionTeamHome Schedule Introduction History

Website Structure

The structure of the PSAS site is something like:

Main (index: main navigation, announcements)

This site is running Ikiwiki 3.20101231.

Photo Gallery

There's a photo and movie gallery, currently implemented using Apache::Gallery, at

Authenticating Group Members

User's can set up their own accounts, given a little information. Authentication requires:

Mailman Superlist psas-all

The psas-all list is automatically generated as the union of all the addresses on all the other lists that start with the string "psas-", except the psas-announce list. This is accomplished with a cron job that runs every hour, located in /etc/cron.d/local:

    23 * * * * list /usr/local/sbin/gen-psas-all

The /usr/local/sbin/gen-psas-all script is:

    exec /usr/local/sbin/gen-combined-list \
        --match="^psas" --except="^psas-announce$" psas-all

the /usr/local/sbin/gen-combined-list is a bit large, and is attached below.

Setting up another similar superlist would just require a crontab entry and a helper shell script.

Git setup

Most of the information on setting up git, and setting up people for git, is found on the git page.