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  1. Issues due to the conversion process from MoinMoin/TWiki
  2. Features lost from MoinMoin and Twiki
  3. Other issues we'd like to see fixed
  4. Issues that ikiwiki detected

Issues due to the conversion process from MoinMoin/TWiki

Some pages did not explicitly link to their attachments, relying on MoinMoin's ability to provide a list of all attachments. Those attachments are effectively inaccessible in the new wiki until people add links to them.

LaTeX content isn't handled correctly. Er, at all, really. I guess this affects KalmanIntro, Example1D, StateSpace, and MathSymbols.

The converted markdown does not render as desired in ikiwiki versions 2.2 and later. After consulting with Josh, I've downgraded svcs to ikiwiki 2.1 and filed a bugreport.

Pages with the idiom of a table containing "Up" and "Xref" links lost the link text in those links--the target page name is the link text instead. See LaunchControl, for example.

At pages like FlightComputer, some links to images got converted into inlined copies of the images, which really screws with the look of the page.

Blockquoted text got paragraph-breaks inserted around inline markup like bold and links, because TWiki generated illegal HTML that Perl's HTML::TreeBuilder tried to make valid, but mangled. For example: RealTimeLinux, GroundSupport

The WiFi page contained only a MoinMoin redirect to ArrlHsdn, but the conversion didn't translate the redirect (which is currently not supported by ikiwiki anyway AFAIK). So after conversion there's an empty WiFi page.

HaskellProgramming: Markdown doesn't recognize the "news:" link protocol. There's only one such link, though we might have used other unusual protocols too.

CantalopeSerialProtocol: Some text containing TWiki markup characters such as '_' in the table at the bottom of this page is interpreted as plain in the current MoinMoin installation, and presumably this agrees with TWiki's behavior when the page was written while we were still running TWiki. However, the modern version of TWiki used in the conversion treated it differently.

Lv2LaunchTowerElectronics: A link to an attached image contained an image reference to a thumbnail of the same image. After conversion, the link is gone and the full-size image is inlined instead.

And finally, the page design is really boring. Somebody fix it please.

Features lost from MoinMoin and Twiki

Minutiae and Main sub wikis: home pages, and contact info and maps which were only visible to registered users.

Web diffs on RecentChanges: git-web will show diffs to the raw markdown, but it would be much nicer to see the diffs side-by-side, with long lines wrapped, and highlighting character differences, like MoinMoin used to do. It would also be nice to have a diff of the HTML formatted output.

Search plugin was turned off because it ran out of memory when doing the initial indexing.

Web access to many features that currently require local access the whole git repository: - Attachments. - Rename and move pages. - Delete pages. - Revert commits

LaTeX formatting support.

Other issues we'd like to see fixed

Issues that ikiwiki detected

Broken wiki links

From pages integrated in the wiki:

From pages imported from the historic static content: There are no broken links!

Orphaned files

Orphaned pages:

Orphaned attachments (excluding images, which are often false positives):