PSAS/ news/ 2001-08-02

Meeting Notes from 02 Aug 01

The meeting was dominated by watching Jamey patch and compile RTLinux on Larry's computer in front of a Live Studio Audience. The RTLinux patches worked, and we saw the RTLinux "hellow world" program demonstrated. Additional topics included...Ground support checklist stuff, A discussion of Avionics bay layout, and a discussion of umbilical and ground support ciruitry.

Ground Support Checklist we need to add another relay for external power on/off. Preferrably this relay will be some distance from the launch tower and will include a key switch. Andrew, turn your key!

We want to activate the VCR via computer.We want to provide for radio link tests on the pad before launch.

Avionics Bay Layout

We discussed and scetched out the layout of the avionics bay. We want the Battery pack mounted foreward (up) followed by the switched power supply and the umbilical interface bus.

Umbilical and ground support circuitry

That brought us to a discussion of the Umbilical. We want to avoid a Nasa-ized solution with rotating/retracting/failing parts. For LV1B the umbilical was simply some contacts taped to the side of the rocket with conducting tape. The rocket skin had a spot with conductive plates. If someone has a better solution we are all ears!

Oh, Yeah...I'm going to ad sketches of this stuff, but I need to get the GIMP up, and draw it!

-- ?LarryLeach - 02 Aug 2001