PSAS/ Help on formatting wiki pages

Text on this wiki is, by default, written in a form very close to how you might write text for an email message. This style of text formatting is called ?MarkDown, and it works like this:

Simple Formatting

Leave blank lines between paragraphs.

You can *emphasise* or **strongly emphasise** text by placing it in single or double asterisks.

To quote someone, prefix the quote with ">":

> To be or not to be,
> that is the question.


To be or not to be, that is the question.

To write a code block, indent each line with a tab or 4 spaces:

10 PRINT "Hello, world!"
20 GOTO 10

And to produce 'code' (monospaced) font in an existing paragraph, use back ticks (`) just like `this is`.


To create a list, start each line with an asterisk, a plus, or a minus (your choice!), a space, and then your text. To have sub-points, simply add three spaces in front of the list symbol you chose.

* First main bullet point
   * Indented once (three spaces)
      * Indented once more (another three spaces)
* Second main bullet point


To make a numbered list, start each line with a number (any number will do) followed by a period:

  1. "1. first line"
  2. "2. second line"
  3. "2. third line"

Headers and Rules

To create a header, start a line with one or more # characters followed by a space and the header text. The number of # characters controls the size of the header:

# h1

## h2

### h3

#### h4

##### h5
###### h6

Alternatively, you can create a H1 header by underlining a line with equal signs '=', and a H2 header by underlining a line with dashes '-'.

To create a horizontal rule, just write three or more dashes or stars on their own line:


then becomes


To link to an url or email address, you can just put the url in angle brackets:



You can also use the form [link text](url), so that

[Link to ikiwiki home](


Link to ikiwiki home

ikiwiki Specific Features

In addition to basic html formatting using ?MarkDown, ikiwiki gives you markup features, too.

To link to another page on the wiki, place the page's name inside double square brackets. So you would use [[WikiLink]] to link to ?WikiLink.

To link to another page with text, use [[see_the_schedule_page|schedule]] becomes see the schedule page. Note the ludicrous use of underscores instead of spaces. Sorry about that, hopefully they'll fix that one day.

Also, you can look into:


Finally, there are tables through an ikiwiki plugin:

\[[table data="""


Customer Amount
Fulanito 134,34
Menganito 234,56
Menganito 234,56