PSAS/ news/ 2006-08-30

Software Meeting: August 30, 2006

New Flight Computer boards

Biggest news: the new PowerPC boards arrived! Andrew finally managed to connect with the salesfolk at TQ Components and ordered two TQM5200 dev boards and an extra spare. Although they sent European power adapters, fortunately our Netgear switch had a compatible dongle, so we could power up one of the boards.

Even better, before the meeting ended Josh worked his magic and we were able to use UBoot to load and boot the supplied kernel. This was a lot further than we got with the old MEN-Micro board on the first day.


This is the dev board. At the rear are connectors for (from left to right) ethernet & USB, VGA, PS/2 mouse & keyboard, CAN, serial, and power. The 8x6 cm TQM5200 daughter board is at the lower-left above the PCI connector. The connector at the lower-right is for a Compact Flash card. At the extreme lower-left is a tiny blue reset button.

Not a "prototyp" sticker to be found. :) A bit of class instead: each of the dev boards was shipped inside a complimentary over-the-shoulder bike bag!


Andrew and Jonathan reviewed some more the of the GPL/GPS code.

Architecture and Infrastructure

Jamey and Ian also talked a bit about what we want in the new software architecture.


compile ARM code in a simulated environment

each component:

Continuous Integration

all components have tests

all tests pass before checkin


Starting out

new git repository!



what to do first?

new architecture

Uncertainty work

Enhance Linux USB driver to support isochronous mode transfers


Jamey made a fresh Software page, getting rid of lots of obsolete links. We're also using subpages and some ?MoinMoin macros to automatically collect the meeting minutes.

Keith and Eric showed up and hacked a reverse ssh connection to their workplace at Intel (Shhhh...) and hacked some more on font-config (newly imported into a git-repository).

Tim showed off his latest hack: a Forth system for his little ARM7 robot board. He can now define words on the fly over a bluetooth link, and he had a blinkenlights demo to show. He's prepping for a demo to the Portland robotics club on Saturday. It lives in