PSAS/ news/ 2001-11-13

Avionics Meeting for November 13, 2001

In attendance: James, Jamey, Nate, Larry, Bart, Tim, Peter, Paul, Andrew, Richard,Robert

Robert's presentation: "Introduction to Formal Verification":

Robert gave a really good lecture to us introduction to formal verification. I won't even attempt to summerize it - see the ?FormalVerification page for more information.

Risk Analysis:

The larger and more "controlled" our rockets become, the more our projet becomes a safety issue. We're current looking for a "Risk Czar" who can start the long process of a risk analysis for us. Basically, this means everything from coordinating people to give lectures on the subject (e.g., from Boeing, FLIR, NASA, etc.) to actually building a fault tree for LV2.

Timeline, Plans, Etc.:

We'd like to launch LV2 this spring or early summer. That's less than 6 months away, so we need to get cracking on the avionics. We're going to lay low until the second week in December (winter break) at which point Andrew is going to start kicking asses and will continue to do so over winter quarter.

LV1b Data:

Nate and Andrew, with Jamey's help, are now writing a C program to parse LV1b's data into various forms, including LV2 CAN messages. See the PacketConverter page for more details.

Next Meeting:

No meeting next week. See you 11/27!

-- AndrewGreenberg - 15 Nov 2001