PSAS/ news/ 2003-02-26

Software Team Minutes for 26 Feb 2003


Location: FAB CS Lounge

Attendees: ?LarryLeach, ?DavidCassard, ?JameySharp, ?NathanDavenport, ?JamesPerkins

Action Items

%ACTION{ who="JamesPerkins" due="Wed, 26 Feb 2003" state="closed" }% Complete the notes %ACTION{ who="Main.JamesPerkins" due="26 Feb 2003" state="closed" }% Late action item example %ACTION{ who="Main.DavidCassard" due="Tue, 4 Mar 2003" state="closed" }% Cull page references from the Avionics and refer to them at the Software (ADG: yes, move software only issues to the software team. I suggest leaving firmware on the avionics side). %ACTION{ who="Main.DavidCassard" due="Tue, 26 Mar 2003" state="closed" }% Create action items for software tasks based on AvionicsSoftwareStatus. %ACTION{ who="LarryLeach" due="17 Mar 2003" state="closed" notify="" }% Working state machine



You can create actions by adding text like: "%ACTION{ who="Main.JamesPerkins" due="Wed, 26 Feb 2003" state="open" }% Complete the notes"

You can then have TWiki pages display all the open action items matching a given topic name pattern, user, state, or the like. For an example, see the SoftwareTeam pages open actions list at Software personal action lists at ?JamesPerkins, ?LarryLeach.

I have a cron job set up that uses email to notify assignees of actions that are coming up, and ones that are late.

-- ?JamesPerkins - 26 Feb 2003