PSAS/ news/ 2004-11-17

Software Team Meeting November 17th, 2004

Attendees: David, Tim, Marcus, Peter, Phil (from next door), Ralph (grad student from OGI).

David worked on simulator, Tim & Marcus fitted the gyro data from LV1a to the data from the video of the rocket spinning, Phil and Ralph came by to learn more about the project and how they can help. Peter ate pizza.

Proposed Agenda:

Software Requirements Outline:

It was a little more than one year ago that we outlined what we needed to work on, and since then we've come a long way: many of the block 1 and block 2 items are either done or nearly so. The revised and updated outline of block 1 and 2 software related items looks something like this: NOTE: UPDATE THIS AT MEETING

Block 1 Software requirements:

Block 1 Questions:

Block 2 Requirements:

-- ?PeterWelte - 17 Nov 2004