PSAS/ news/ 2003-03-05

Software Team Minutes for 05 Mar 2003


Location: FAB CS Lounge

Attendees: ?LarryLeach, ?DavidCassard, ?JameySharp, ?JamesPerkins

Action Items

%ACTION{ who="Main.DavidCassard" due="Fri, 7 Mar 2003" state="closed" }% Put up FC software diagram from meeting at 2003-03-05
done 3/10/2003, document is SoftwareFunctionalSpecJune2003 %ACTION{ who="Main.JameySharp" due="11 Mar 2003" state="closed" }% suggest a message data structure for use in the software diagram %ACTION{ who="Main.JamesPerkins" due="11 Mar 2003" state="closed" }% provide software skeleton to implement the software diagram

?LarryLeach and ?NathanDavenport will continue working on the state machine (hup hup, dudes!)


Asynchronous threads:

Example flight computer skeleton source

Naming the Clever Thread:

Here were some names we tried for the process that takes raw position/etc. info and converts it into smarter info:

"Smart" won.

?JamesPerkins - 05 Mar 2003