PSAS/ news/ 2001-07-17

Notes from the Avionics Meeting 7/17/01

1. Telemetry Link

Decision: We're using 802.11b for the September flight. We're not using power amplification. We are going to use antenna amplification. If Larry gets an FCC waiver, then we'll go way overboard with antenna amplification ;).

But: We desperately need someone to design cylindrical patch antennas for us!.

2. Flight Computer:

3. Microcontrollers (CAN Nodes):

4. Ground Support Equipment

At the Launch Tower:

LB: Launch Box (battery, key interlock, toggleswitch -> PLEASE PLACE AT LEAST 12ft FROM THE LT). LTM: Launch Tower Microcontroller (Relays, ?RocketReady relay). LTC: Launch Tower Computer (Laptop with 802.11b & YAGI, soundcard, loudspeaker).

At the Launch Control Module:

Telemetry Computer (laptop w/802.11b & YAGI (Aimed? Or static?)). Launch Computer (laptop w/802.11b & YAGI).

Monitors in the LCM: ATV, Telemetry, Launch Computer

5. Launch Tower Safety interlock:

6. Launch Computer Features:

7. Telemetry Computer Features:

Enhanced rocketready display:

Command Uplink:

-- AndrewGreenberg - 24 Jul 2001