PSAS/ news/ 2003-04-16

Software Team Minutes 4/16/2003

Attendees: Larry, James, Jamey (we didn't see Paul although we saw his shadow)

We reviewed the status of all software systems in the light of the upcoming June launch and mid-May freeze. Generally, we need to establish a telemetry protocol and implement it in RocketView, and work on the entire flight computer software. See the table below.

Andrew hopes to have at least the power management CAN node together by Monday of this week when he is going to run off to the Embedded Systems Conference. He can make this available for integration.

Nathan and Larry are working on the sequencer code. Jamey and I helped Larry work past a couple items tonight. Larry and Nathan are getting together this weekend to make additional progress.

Otherwise, Jamey is way to busy to do much work. We walked through some areas of RocketView and the Tower software code and observed a key interlock on the Rocket Ready signal appears to be commented out.

James needs to go off and spent time on this. Everyone had red eyeballs and left early today.

  1. General
    1. Telmetry protocol must be established
    2. Timestamp generation needs to be thought about
  2. Flight Computer Software
    1. Status: In Development. Need to Implement everything.
    2. Particularly uncertain:
    3. PIC node serialize/deserialize
    4. SMART: PIC node data interpretation
  3. Avionics Software
    1. Andrew's bailiwick
    2. Andrew hopes to have Power Control node working Monday 4/21
    3. Need to have programming model for it on FC side.
  4. Uplink Software
    1. Description: mocom control through parallel port & sound card DTMF tone generation
    2. Needs checkin to CVS. -- Larry to do
  5. Tower Software
    1. Description: text socket pair to/from Launch control and tower microcontroller serial port. This is a bridge.
    2. Need ignition timer to automatically turn everything off
    3. Need to pay attention to rocket ready
    4. "Mystic bit of hardware that Andrew's building" will mux power & Rocket Ready
  6. Launch Control Software
    1. Description: text socket pair to/from Tower server
    2. Minor tweaks needed.
    3. Pinger required
    4. Needs to send ARM command to FC
    5. Needs relay control configuration for muxed power & rocket ready
  7. Telemetry Viewer Software (aka Rocketview)
    1. Implement Telemetry protocol (read side only)
    2. Need list of meaningful packets
    3. Implement new, improved, meaningful displays

-- ?JamesPerkins - 16 Apr 2003