PSAS/ news/ 2001-08-29

Avionics Meeting for August 29, 2001

In attendance: Glenn, Dennis, Andrew, Richard, Larry, James, Jamey, Bart


We decided on the following course for the antennas:

GPS Antenna: 1.57542 GHz. Buy two commercial patch antennas. Use one if nothing else. But if possible, buy a power splitter and attampt to combine the two antennas. Andrew still wants a third in the nose but we'll see about that.

ATV Antenna: We moved the ATV antenna up to 1.277GHz @ 1W using a kit. We'll try and build a slot antenna for it.

Telemtry Antenna: We're going to try and build a slot antenna for the channel 1 of the 802.11b band - that's 2.412MHz center frequency with a bandwidth of 16MHz. Note that this puts channel one well within the 2.40 - 2.45GHz hamm band!

For reference:

Antennas To Do:

  1. Glenn is finding out about the diameter and construction of slot antennas.
  2. Glenn is also going to look into ground antennas.
  3. Dennis is going to do NOTHING but work on the launch clamps ;)
  4. AndrewGreenberg will get commercial GPS patch antennas and possibly mixers or power splitters to use more than one antenna.

FC & Software:

Well, The Flight Computer is looking up!




-- ?LarryLeach - 29 Aug 2001