PSAS/ news/ 2003-02-19

Software Team Notes 19 Feb 2003

Attendees: ?LarryLeach, ?JameySharp, ?NathanDavenport, ?DavidCassard, ?JamesPerkins, ?PaulMullen

James went to the Engineering Week dog-and-pony show at the Double Tree Lloyd Center and enjoyed chatting with prospective college students.

We discussed requirements we came up with in May and looked at them in finer detail. The software requirements can be derived therefrom.

Nate could only stay a short time but agreed to work with Larry on the State Machine. See ?FlightSequencing for details.

Wednesdays seem like a good time for this Software meeting.


  1. Safe operation
  2. Recover airframe in reusable condition
  3. Log detailed data from sensors
  4. Recieve data in real time via radio
  5. Launch

Larry needs to finish launch checklists.

-- ?JamesPerkins - 19 Feb 2003