PSAS/ news/ 2003-06-09 - PSAS site Slashdotted due to Wired News article, but stayed up

The PSAS Website was slashdotted on Jun 9, 2003. AndrewGreenberg was interviewed and at 2am January 9, 2003, the article appeared at Wired News. (Note that there are few technical inaccuracies in the article.)

12 hours later, as the Software Team was working on getting the 2003-06-12 demo ready, Andrew noticed a link to the Wired News article had appeared on slashdot.

We quickly activated the ?PublishAddOn of our TWiki webserver, with help from a redirect from our apache installation. This allowed apache to simply serve up static data files rather than the usual operation, which is to start a perl cgi script for TWiki on each hit.

Later in the week, I was suprised to see a mention show up in the Debian Weekly News.

By the time a week elapsed, we logged referrals from all over:

The usage looked like this:

If you are a ?PsasGroup member, you can view the webalizer statistics at

-- ?JamesPerkins - 17 Jun 2003