PSAS/ LV0/ Payload/ LV0 Paylload Overview

LV0 Payload (3lbs, 16

The LV0 payload was the PSU AESS's first attempt at a launch vehicle payload. This payload was designed to be a scaled down "proof of concept" design from the original LV1's specifications. Being Rocket Ignoramuses, we thought this was a fine idea.

Basically, the LV0 payload has a B&W CCD video camera which broadcasts its image down to earth over an ?Amateur TV transmitter. Although the video camera had a microphone, we removed it and used the ATV transmitter's audio channel to send down data from our science payload.

The science payload was slightly pathetic but a valiant first effort. A solid-state accelerometer was digitized by a PIC16C73A microcontroller (Thanks to Micro Sales, Inc. in Beaverton, OR for the PICs!) and spit out through it's built in UART at a whopping 300bps. This serial signal was ?modulated into two audio tones, and was sent down the audio channel of the ATV transmitter for decoding on the ground.

We also had a commercially available logging altimeter (thanks to James Ward for the loaner). The altimeter used a 68HC11 microcontroller and a 12bit A/D converter to log the rocket's altitude using a pressure sensor onto serial EEPROMs.

The power supply was two 6V Lithium Ion batteries in series to make 12V. We had a SPDT power switch to switch the payload off, use battery power, or use external ("Shore") power.


LV0 Block Diagram

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