PSAS/ GroundSupport

LV1/1b Ground Support

The important components of the ground support systems are LaunchControl, GroundSupport, and video from AmateurTelevision.


LV1B's telemetry downlink was a 19.2Kbps downlink-only radio modem transmitting a ?custom protocol. The recieving end on the ground logged all of the data for later analysis, and displayed a slightly-processed subset of the information in a graphical interface called RocketView. For LV2, we'd like to use a faster connection for telemetry, particularly WiFi.

The important components of the telemetry system are the FlightComputerSoftware and the RocketView.

Changing how we get our telemetry to the ground doesn't mean we can't reuse


's protocol and Rocketview, but I think at least the protocol is worth replacing. Our experience with the protocol we designed for


was that it was relatively complex to implement a decoder for it. Since we have a new network protocol which carries all of the information our telemetry should have (see


), I'd like to use that protocol.

On the other hand, Rocketview successfully isolated the protocol implementation from the rest of the code, so it probably represents a good base to build LV2's telemetry display software on.

-- ?JameySharp - 17 Dec 2001