PSAS/ news/ 2003-07-01

Software Meeting 07/01/2003


*Action Items:*%ACTION{ who="Main.TrevorElliott" due="Tue, 8 Jul 2003" state="closed" }% CAN Bus node id generation (done, but can't put into cvs)

Serial cables for LTC, FC:

CAN Analyzer:

OMSI's Space Days:

Recovery Node:


CAN bus IDs from nodes:

Field # of bits
Name 5
Direction 1
Verb 2
Noun 3

* Tonight's agenda:*

  1. Refine state diagram where possible
  2. Discuss instantiation of state diagram in sequencer and SMART
  3. Broadcast protocol additions, esp. periodic state messages.

Flight Computer:

Recovery Node:

Parking Lot for good ideas:

State Model Observation:

Sequencer Discussion:

CAN bus Timer

-- ?JamesPerkins - 01 Jul 2003