PSAS/ news/ 2004-07-20

Software Team Meeting - July 20th, 2004

Who: Ian, Jay, Jamey, Andrew and later Peter

Jamey won a bet with me (Andrew) this evening: he got cantalope to talk to a pty ("pity") program to talk can_rw and then to sequencer and then to fc2net and then to testnetreceive..... and then BACK through testnetsend to net2fc to sequencer to can_rw to pity to cantalope. And this all with the threads version of fcfifo, not the process version. Here's a diagram of how everything was connected:

cantalope pty arch.jpg

To add insult to my lost bet, Ian and Jamey proceeded to also clean up CVS by quite a lot and work on the java apps a bit. And Jamey even has cantalope working with uncanny as well, so you can use cantalope over the regular serial port and via uncanny (like on the FC or LTC).

It was all very damn impressive.... I like losing bets like this.

Peter and Jamey made detailed instructions on how to get this development environment up and running: see the bottom part of DevelopmentEnvironmentForLv2.