PSAS/ news/ 2004-03-24

Software Team Meeting March 24th, 2004

In attendance: Paul, Ian, Jay, Andrew, Peter, Tyler, John


We went over new features for the CANtalope CAN bus monitor:

  1. Filtering the output of CANtalope based on CAN message ID's, so that we can filter the messages being displayed in a given window. This will allows us to create a window per node or message type... for example, we can have one window open for the GPS' virtual UART data message and one open for GPS error and status messages.
  2. Along with the filtering, the ability to have multiple windows running displaying different messages.
  3. "Virtual UART" mode: take the data bytes from any message with the correct CAN ID and stuff them in a binary file. Used for getting the data from a virtual UART (UART-over-CAN), like we used on the GPS.
  4. And finally, not so important, some kind of transmit history. Peter pointed out that we can do this using the command line: for example, .\can < "0x7FE 0 1 0x01".

Tyler and Peter, after a struggle with both hardware (Andrew's fault) and software (possibly Tyler's ;) ), started working on CANtalope code.

We also intruduced John to the project and let him watch while we flailed around with CANtalope.


Jay and Andrew talked about the FC parsing of the GPS messages. Everything is mostly written, but we're a few steps away from live code on the FC. We need to figure out the GPS Node/CANtalope chescksum problem, test the ATV code, and then integrate everything in to the FC.

CAN driver

Ian restarted work on the interrupt-driven CAN driver. Andrew handed off the LTC to him, along with a CANtalope board and custom cable.