PSAS/ ProjectLV2


PSAS' Current Project

Launch Vehicle No. 2 (LV2) is our current project. The project's scope includes the complete launch system comprising the rocket, mobile ground systems support, and development systems. Its first flight (an airframe only test to 18,000ft) was September 20, 2002 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

For more information on the work in progress, please see the PSAS teams' home pages.

Preliminary Vehicle Specifications (NOTE: Outdated as of 9/2002)

Here are a few documents on our design thus far

LV2 white paper on Flight Avionics Adobe .PDF (627K)
LV2 (Airframe) Design Requirements Word Document (53.0K)
LV2 (Airframe) Coupler Design Criteria Word Document (71.5K)
LV2 (Airframe) Vehicle Simulations (ver 1.01) Word Document (655.5K)
Paper presented at USENIX 2003: Free Software and High-Power Rocketry Usenix2003Paper