PSAS/ news/ 2006-08-23

Visitor from BYU

We had a visitor, Bruce Christensen, a student who was home for the summer from BYU, where he is a member of their own rocket research team. They had also crashed their previous rocket and were starting from scratch. Bruce had just implemented Trac in their team for documenting their progress (although only Bruce's own Avionics team seemed to be taking advantage of it). He gave us a show-and-tell on their current progress (rebuilding their airframe, mostly).

Sadly, Bruce was going back to BYU the next week. We chided him for not showing up earlier.

See the ARES link on ResourcesLinks for more about BYU's rocket program.

Business as usual

Otherwise, it was frenetic meeting where we all talked a lot but didn't get much done because we didn't have any hardware to play with. This pretty much sums up our meetings for the past few months since we rejected the MEN-micro board as a "prototyp" piece of... well, I don't want to be impolite.

Andrew and Jonathan presumably got some work done on GPL/GPS.

Tim and Judy did some Uncertainty Team work.