PSAS/ news/ 2001-07-25

Meeting Notes 7/25/01

Well, we lost the real notes so here's a cap:

In attendance: Andrew, Nathan, Richard, James, Tim, Jamey, Dennis, Bart


Jamey = Ground Control Dot
Larry = Flight Computer Dot
Andrew = CAN Dot

Key Risk area: ANTENNAS - 1.5GHz GPS and 2.4GHz 802.11b

Minimum September Configuration:

Hardware: GPS + GPS antenna + IMU + FC + 802.11b + 802.11b antenna.
Software: Take raw GPS and IMU data and log to memory and send to radio.

To do by next week / meeting (8/1/01):

James is going to look at the 520 docs and find the capabilities and challenges of getting RTLinux to run on it.
Richard will work with James.
Nathan will work on getting ATV stuff together.
Tim is working on the IMU calibration.
Andrew is working ont the IMU cal and the small microcontrollers and getting together the state machine from LV1b and also getting antenna contacts.
Glenn is working on antennas, and giving us his life's savings.
Larry is also giving us his life's savings and delving into RTLinux (get your box to Jamey) and working on the FCC waiver.
Jamey is working on getting three RTLinux boxes up and running AND on the ground control software.
Bart is getting three 802.11b cards and ISA adapters.

-- AndrewGreenberg - 25 Jul 2001