PSAS/ news/ 2003-08-26 - To do list, what's critical

What HW SW Whose Laptop
FC X James
GPS X Markus
IMU X Andrew
ATV Timr Markus
REC Tim Tim
LCC-LCA X Jamey Compaq
TC-RV X Dave Dave's
Uplink X X Larry's
CPA Andrew -
Helical Glenn -
Server - Jamey Andrew's T20

X = Done


  1. Get to Black Rock
  2. Launch the rocket
  3. Don't kill anyone
  4. Get the rocket back in one piece

So, this means that the critical subsystems are the launch tower computer (LTC), launch tower CAN node, and recovery node. That's it!


That said, we of course want to get some real data from the launch. Thus our sub-goals:

  1. Test the ARRL 802.11b telemetry link.
  2. Test the 2m emergency uplink.
  3. Get the ATV system working with GPS data overlay.
  4. Get GPS and inertial data.

And this is where a lot of the work is ;)

Things for the Checklist:

  1. Ask everyone to turn off their 2.4GHz things, incl. microwaves, X-10, ATV,
  2. Look for 2.4GHz stuff on a network analyzer?

Email farlink guy.