PSAS/ news/ 2002-08-13 - Overview of what needs to be done; James' notes on FC update

Who: Paul, Andrew, James, Jamey, Michael, Larry, Bart, Markus

The skinny:

Where we are:

We're in good shape, but of course we're still 6 months behind schedule ;) The big push now is to get the get a "bench-top" or "rats nest" system working. Once the bench top system is working, we'll have an idea of how to mount the thing in the avionics module and clean it up.

fc hw 002 60pct.jpg
Flight Avionics Hardware Status 8/13/2002
Black = exists, Red = to do, "M" = connect by hand (no other PCB needed)


Here's a rough, arguably flawed listing of our priorities:

  1. Get the 2m "rocket body" antenna turned and done.
  2. Get the java uplink software and interface to the Mocom done.
  3. Patch antennas!
  4. Get the GPS node up and running.
  5. Get the IMU up and running.
  6. Get the canmux to get the messages to rocketview.
  7. Get rocketview to display the previous data.
  8. Get the uplink node, umbilical node and the 802.11 power amp switch working.
  9. Get the ATV system working.
  10. Get the ATV node working with overlay and power switches.

If we actually accomplish all of this (miracle?) then we'll have the completed LV2 first-flight system. We'll get fancier for LV2b by redoing the boards and adding functionality in the firmware and software.

Flight Computer activities (James):