PSAS/ AvionicsToDoList

Avionics and Communications Current Task list

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Overview of What Needs to Be Done (WNTBD)

Task Dependencies

  1. Get the FC up and running
  2. Get the node front end done
  3. Get the FC and node front end to talk
  4. Start node development: aps, atv, imu, mag
  5. Integrate nodes
  6. Figure out communication links
  7. build radios
  8. build antennas
  9. figure out mechanical mounting
  10. mount
  11. test
  12. launch

Old old old old stuff

Must be done before launch

Really (really) should be done before launch

Task priorities:

  1. Necessary for next flight
  2. Should be done
  3. Would be nice

You can find previously completed tasks in the history of this page.


Priority Status Who Task

Avionics Mounting Plates (AMPs) and Other Mounting and Connectors

Priority Status Who Task
3 A/T Re-think plates for new PPC cpu. Improve sliding, etc.


Priority Status Who Task
2 A/T Better battery charging algorithm using current sensing
2 ADG Update firmware: Sync to latest code, and for better low-current readout, and should never kill batteries if not armed.
3 ADG Firmware for Batt temp thermistor (charging cutoff)

Battery pack

Priority Status Who Task

Cylindrical Patch Antennas

Priority Status Who Task
1 ADG Kapton antennas using 1" tape along seams

Flight Computer PC104 Stack

Priority Status Who Task
2 blocked Start PPC mechanical design


Priority Status Who Task
2 ADG Update GPS firmware
3 A/T Go to mg5001


Priority Status Who Task
2 ADG Calibrate calibrate calibrate!

Launch Tower Computer

Priority Status Who Task
1 ? Fix badly frayed power cord on solar array, prevent recurrence
2 Add Amp-Hour meter to umbilical
2 ? Add battery voltage, PV voltage, and internal box temperature sensors and messages
3 TH Dedust and paint 3/4 inch plywood antenna bases
3 A Add the 2mm LED jumpter back on the LTC


Priority Status Who Task
1 T Copper tape 2m receiver box, locktight, decide on third nut, strain releif ribbon cable
1 ADG The recovery node is not reseting the timers (or something) when taken out of ARMED mode. (This is both a bug and an architectural failure.) The symptom is "**" for the drogue timers on the 2nd and subsequent test runs. The main timers may also be wrong but are out of range and can't be read ("????" -- dare to use a decimal point)
2 ADG Prevent battery death when NOT ARMED
2 ADG Fix weird charging messages
2 ADG Fix lack of battery current in battery message
2 ADG implement quiet mode, if not already done
2 ADG Sync code to latest APS firmware so that emergency powerdown works

RocketReady Relay Board

Priority Status Who Task
1 A/T Replace RRR relay with a high capacity version.
3 A/T Replace RRR relay LED with a clear, high efficiency red LED.

Launch Tower Relay Board

Priority Status Who Task
1 A/T Remove, diagnose and replace ignition relay
2 New LTC igniter lights
3 A/T Replace RRR relay LED with a clear, high efficiency red LED.
3 ? Make LT relay SPDT sense contacts inputs on PIC