PSAS/ Lv2LaunchTowerComputer

LV2 Launch Tower Computer (LTC)

The Launch Tower Computer is a PC104 stack just like the LV2 Flight Computer. It's a MOPS520 board (a 133MHz AMD 586 board running Debian Linux with 64 MB SDRAM, a256MB CompactFlash card for a disk, and a built in Intel 82527 CAN controller) along with a PC Card carrier and a Lucent Orinoco 802.11b card.

The LTC acts as a simple wireless relay: the LTC gets commands over 802.11b ("wireless ethernet") from the Launch Control Computer (LCC) in the Launch Control Module (LCM) which is running the launchcontrol application. The point here is to get the LCM as far away from the launch tower as we want (for both safety and communications issues).

Missing: link to LTC software