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LV2's Avionics Power System

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The Avionics Power System (APS) provides power and load switching to the avionics system. It has:

The current version of the APS is v0.6, which was fabbed by PCBexpress 2004/09/08 and finished 2004/09/19.

Documents with a v0.7 number imply they were updated after the APS was fabbed and thus contain errata and future notes.

A previous version of the APS used a PIC with a single parallel set of International Rectifier IPS5451 intelligent power switches and primary Lithium battery. The board was pretty simple, and then was hacked to death, and the primary Lithium batteries turned out to have only 1/8 of the energy we needed for flight.

APS Information

APS Discussion

We're in process of calibrating the APS node: AvionicsPowerSystemLv2Calibration

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