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LV2 Power Consumption

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LV2 Current Consumption

Note: This table was created using a 12Vnom battery pack. This has now changed as of 2004/06/15, since we're switching to a 14.4Vnom Li Ion pack. Thus for nodes with DC-DC converters, these numbers should go down a bit.

System Imin Iavg Imax Validity
ATV: CAN Node (idle) 0.035 Measured
ATV: Camera 0.125 Measured
ATV: Overlay board 0.053 Measured
ATV: 1.27 GHz FM TX 0.122 Measured
ATV: 1.3 GHz Power Amp 1.211 Measured
FC: PC104 Stack 0.415 Measured
FC: 802.11b PCMCIA ? -
FC: 2.4GHz Power Amp 0.629 .900 Measured, data sheet
APS: CAN Node 0.012 0.047 Measured
GPS: CAN node 0.025 Measured
GPS: GPS (low pwr mode) 0.092 Measured
GPS: 1.5 GHz preamp 0.125 Measured
IMU: CAN node 0.025 Measured
IMU: IMU 0.070 Measured
REC: CAN node ? -
REC: 2m board ? -
REC: HAP battery Chrgr ? -
TOTAL 2.85 -

Energy (and thus battery capacity) Consumption

A long time ago (2001) we tried to predict how many amp-hours (Ah) of battery capacity we'd need. Surprisingly, that estimate is still pretty accurate, at least in the worst case sense. Attached are the MS Word 2000 doc and a PDF of that studdy. Summary: about 3.6 Ah, which we (of course) rounded up to 4 Ah. You can ignore the outdated battery chemsitry discussion that follows at the end.