PSAS/ CurrentBringList

"Bring List": What we need and who's bringing it.

Currently for: Summer 2005 System Tests and August 20th, 2005 launch window.

"ST" = Needed for a full systems test day. Obviously everything on this list is needed for a launch.


ST What Who Notes
* Checklist Holly System tests must follow the checklists as well.
* To Bring List Holly Self referential, but it's true!
Insurance info Holly,Brian -
FAA waiver info Holly,Brian -
Detailed weather report ? Call NOAA for a detailed cloud cover estimation. Also need pressure and temperature.
Topological maps of site ? For recovery teams, plus one for launch control.
Local authority contact info Holly Fire, medical, police, power authorities, and local airport.
TRA/NAR safety codes Holly Especially at OROC events; just in case anyone asks.
Call sign cheat sheets Holly


ST What Who Notes
* Pop up tents Andrew Only necessary for System Tests if the weather is too hot/cold
Pop up tent sides Andrew
Extra tent stakes ? To pin tents in windy weather.
Extra rope ? For tying down tents and other random applications.
Awnings Maggie & Brian Only necessary for BRD launches.
* Tables Rental ST: 2 - 3 tables. Launch: 1 for launch control, 1 for avionics prep, 1 for airframe prep, 2 for tools and storage = 5.
* Chairs Rental 4 at each table.
Tarps ? It might be nice to have a few 10' x 10' (or one 20' x 10') tarps or carpet that we can put down in the awnings
Rake ? For clearing scrub in the desert.
Propane heaters Bart,? Good for working during the cold desert nights.
Generator James, Brian James has a really nice honda generator; Brian can also borrow one from Amy's dad
Extension Cords Andrew, Brian, others Need two 100' cords (with grounding prongs!) from generator to awnings, and then a bunch around the awnings
Outlet strips ? We always needs dozens of these.
Work lights ? At least three sets of very bright lights.
* Cardboard and Tape ? To make laptop sun-shields etc.
Garbage Bags ? So we can leave our site(s) pristine...
* Water ? Cheap bottles of water, so people don't get dehydrated.
Snacks ? We need healthy, available snacks for people working.
Espresso machine Andrew Still waiting for a Starbucks in Gerhlach and/or Brothers...


ST What Who Notes
Fire Extinguishers everyone who can Especially during summer launches.
Shovels everyone who can Especially during summer launches.
Water everyone who can 1-5 gal buckets. Especially during summer launches.
First Aid Kit ?

Launch Tower (LT)

The Launch tower:

ST What Who Notes
* Launch Tower Brian Other things... air tank? tools? bolts? Sirens? Strobes?
* Launch Rail Brian Connection bolts? (the rail pivot bolt is missing 3" x 7/16" nom.dia.)
Outriggers Brian -
12V battery ? Used to activate the pneumatic relays
* Small step ladder ? Truck tailgate may be fine. Always need something.
Shovel ? To help make LT level.
2 small batteries ? ?
shore-power converter (sp?) ? ?

Launch Tower Computer (LTC):

ST What Who Notes
* LTC - The LTC includes lots of APP pigtails for the PV, main battery, igniter battery, and ignitor leads.
* shorting bar - For shorting and completing the ignitor circuit (usually in the LTC box)
* 12V battery Glenn LTC and rocket shore power (in parallel) (with APP connectors)
* 30W PV array Andrew Necessary if there's only one main power battery.
* Small 12V battery Andrew Igniter power (with APP connectors)
LTC base equipment - 4'x4' plywood base, bolts, tripod, pole
* BBQ antenna - -

In the launch tower box:

What Notes
6' N-N cable -
Umbilical cord The main umbilical with the black lever mechanism, not the green-white wire spare.
Umbilical pull rope Thin brown/black string/rope that attaches the umbilical plug to the LT.
Yellow 25' umbilical cord with 19V APP connectors
Ignition cable assembly 100' of orange wire with plastic boxes.
Igniter clip leads Speaker wire with alligator clips and APPs.
LTC U-bolts -
Zip ties For fun and profit.
APP Y cable For powering an inverter or adding an extra battery.
400W inverter For powering local cameras and laptops during testing.
APP to cigarette lighter adapter Just in case.
LTC tools 6-in-1 red screw driver, 6" adj wrench, 7/16" wrench, 1/2" wrench, red cutters, pliers, tiny yellow DMM.
Ignition cable test bulb 12V halogen bulb used to test ignition circuit.
Misc pen, paper, sharpy.

Airframe & Recovery

ST What Who Notes
Drogue chute Brian Lines? Bags?
Main chute Brian Lines? Bags?
Recovery charge Brian supplies? tools?
Electric matches Brian -
Plastic Rods for nosecone Brian -
Line Cutter kit Brian -
* Recovery Module Brian/Andrew -
* Nose Cone Brian/Andrew -
* Fin canister/Motor adapter Brian/Andrew -

In the Airframe Box:

What Notes
Airframe hardware #8-32 1/2" countersunk screws, #8-32 5/16" button head screws, #8 nylock nuts
One-holed aero shell spacer Used to cover bare patch on frame under patch antennas (in airframe box).
Launch Lugs Plastic cylinders with captive bolts
Camera nose-prism Pack in bubble wrap
Camera prism screws #4-40 1/4" allen ("socket") button-head screws
Camera screw driver Yellow handled phillips screw driver labeled "camera prism"
Misc Hardware bags of hardware & spare hardware, plastic 3 x 5 seqment box

In the Payload Module tote:

What Notes
Payload Module With Recovery Node and 2m long-wire antenna
Recovery Node Shorting Screw w/flag Also bring spare screw (in 2m box).


ST What Who Notes
Motor Brian Fuel, casing... Tools? supplies?
Motor igniters Brian At least three.

Avionics, Software and Communication

In the Avionics System tote:

What Notes
Avionics Module With CPAs
Serial cable for FC ADG Stereo jack to DB9
Blue AC-DC 19V converter Debug shore power
Debug umbilical connector GRN/WHT cabled, no black plastic pull-out mechanism

In the Field Server bag:

What Notes
PSAS Field Server Andrew's backup Thinkpad A30p
AC power brick Thinkpad power supply
Spare Lucent Orinoco PCMCIA card Mostly for debug use
Xircom 10Mbps ethernet PCMCIA card For any available internet connection

In the Launch Control box:

What Notes
Misc ethernet cables 3', 7', 14', 25' and 50'(?)
12V 10A AC-DC converter For 12V power during test/debug
U.FL to N Female converter From Thinkpad's Mini-PCI wireless card to BBQ dish cable
Orinioco PCMCIA card w/N adapter and barrel From Thinkpad's PCMCIA slot to TrackMaster 2000 2.4 GHz antenna
2x APP "Y" cable For misc. APP problems
APP "4Y" cable From 3 batteries and charger to 12V launch control system
5/10/15/20/25/30A ATM fuses For Saratoga APP breakout box
PanSat (ATV) receiver test antenna Mini screw-on "F" pigtail antenna
PanSat (ATV) receiver remote control Just in case
Yaesu FT-1500M manual For radio on LC table
2m external antenna For testing
Misc floppy disk, LCD monitor hardware, outlet strip,spare 12V AC-DC converter

On Launch Control (LC) table:

What Notes
Saratoga 12V APP connector breakout Fuses in LC box
Exeltech true sine inverter -
PanSat ATV FM receiver -
Audio/Video patch cords -
ATV LCD Monitor -
Yaesu FT-1500M 2m radio -

| Netgear 8port 10/100 switch | -

Digital video camera -
Digital video camera power supply -
Composite to SVGA adapter For PanSat to LCD monitor conversion
Field server AC-DC power supply Thinkpad power supply

TrackMaster 2000 (TM2K):

ST What Who Notes
* TrackMaster 2000 - -
* TM2K to LC 802.11b cable - 20'
* TM2K to LC ATV cable - 20': also has N to F adapter, F-to-F DC block
* TM2K to LC APP power cable - 30'

Launch Control Antenna Setup:

ST What Who Notes
LC Comm station - 4'x4' base, bolts, tripod, pole
* BBQ antenna - Field server to LTC
* BBQ antenna N-N cable - 20'?
J pole antenna - With mounting hardware
J pole antenna cable - 20' PL-259 to PL-259 cable
Comm Yeasu FT-1500M Andrew -
Turnstyle antenna - -
Turnstyle antenna groundplace - 4' x 4' chickenwire
Turnstyle antenna baseplate - Two wooden pieces with a pipe fitting on one
Turnstyle cable Glenn 50' PL-259 to PL-259 cable

Emergency Ground Power

What Who Notes
4x 12V batteries Glenn Emergency supply for ground systems
Battery chargers Glenn -
Lots of big inverters Andrew,Glenn -


What Who Notes
LOTS of HT's See Notes Andrew, Glenn, Keith, everyone else who has them!

Module Assembly

What Who Notes
Spare 0-80 screws T For CAN connectors

Special Debug Tools

What Who Notes
Y-cable for CAN bus ADG
CANtalope ADG
CANtalope computer ADG

Other Special Tools

What Who Notes
APP crimper GNL -
SMA crimpter GNL -
Spare inverter GNL,ADG,? -
compasses ? For the recovery teams.