PSAS/ CapstoneLV2bLinks
  1. Node bus communications
    1. USB Links
    2. CAN Links
    3. Traditional avionics communications busses
  2. Microcontroller links
    1. SparkFun forums
    2. LPC2000 Yahoo Group
  3. Software Links
    1. EagleCad
    2. eCos
    3. USB Stacks
    4. Misc
  4. General Links
  5. Avionics Team Links

Node bus communications

USB Links

USB Links

CAN Links

CAN Bus Links

Traditional avionics communications busses

Microcontroller links

SparkFun forums

LPC2000 Yahoo Group

Software Links



USB Stacks


Info about real-time operating systems can be found here

ARM Embedded Trace Macrocell unit document ETM

General Links

Vibration measurement terminology and a PDF on units of vibration.

Avionics Team Links

The 1999 White Paper

Capstone Team Questions

Eagle CAD files for Revovery Node are at the bottom of the page in ZIP format.