PSAS/ news/ 2011-06-10 - Restart v4 CPA work

Communications team meeting/workshop at PSBA

Andrew G., Glenn L., Dave C., Dan K., Nathan B.

Glenn drew up a quick sketch of what this would look like. Scanned and emailed? Andrew has original.

PCB Fab Express in California. 1-408-522-1500 Can they do 4 X 18? - Yes but custom. Max size they do is 16 x 22 Sent email requesting quote for our 5.8 GHz antenna. Attached 5.8cpa.pdf file

13-Jun-2011 0930 PDT Have not seen quote yet. Call them. Pretty clumbsy customer service, however the quote was a rough number $1500 to $2000 for the first board.

First board was $1194.00 + $180.00 non-Recurring tooling charge. Two boards $720.00 each; Three boards $450.00 each. The quote provided Silver plating. Without silver was $50.00 less. Contact: Linda Postlethwaite

On our wiki Called Jenifer at Multicraft Plastics 503-288-5131

8 inch width, 50 foot roll 0.062 inch thick UHMW PE 0.005 inch acrylic with mylar film adhesive.

Product is still available, special order. Adhesive on one side is available; she's not sure if adhesive on both sides is available but will find out. She will call me back on Monday with price.

13-Jun-2011 0930 PDT Jenifer called back. Double side is available but a bad product. One side wants to delaminate; a heat process is used to apply, and one side gets messed up during the application. They don't want to quote since it is a bad product.

Single side is available. 8 inch x 50 ft. $205.00 + freight from Ohio. In stock, takes 4 days to ship out.