PSAS/ news/ 2011-05-03 - Firmware structure discussion


The availability of the GFE boards and associated hardware is expected to precipitate the development of multiple avionics projects. The purpose of this document is to serve as a preliminary discussion of PSAS avionics firmware organization and development.

General Considerations

  1. PSAS has a transient set of developers for any project.

  2. The current ad-hoc project development practices are considered a barrier to participation for new members. Reducing the barriers to participation may be a higher priority than the inefficiencies introduced by moving towards standard group practices.

  3. ‘Mil-Spec’ type project organization requirements will create a barrier to participation. (See Consideration 2). Hypothetically, we can find a balance.


We decided not to use an RTOS. FreeRTOS, our leading contender, is just too much to chew on for many of our volunteers, seems brittle to compiler changes, and doesn't offer enough benefit to use. We're going "bare metal" for this system. We will, however, have a shared peripheral library for all nodes to use.

We have n git repositories:

We chose this structure because: