PSAS/ news/ 2011-05-03 - Picking a Launch Date

BALLS is too late this year, October 1st is too far into the rainy season. There is a high chance of a weather scrub (same situation in 2009).

Things we want to fly this summer:

  1. Flight Computer
  2. 802.11a telemetry
  3. GFE's
  4. HD Camera module?

Potential Launch Dates & Conflicts

Mid July? We need a fair amount of time to get the 802.11a to work (and everything else that is not wireless), but we want to launch as early as we can. So we think mid-July would be a good time.

Please put your name in the following list if you can't make it that weekend.

Weekend Notes People who can't make it
9-10 Dave
16-17 Dan
23-24 OR launch. OSCON on 25th. Dan