PSAS/ news/ 2005-06-18

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 06/18/05

In attendance: Richard Campbell, Stuart Johnson, Brian O’Neel, Jim Ward

Topics Discussed:

We discussed the regression rate sensor implementation some more. Richard suggested that we could modify the printed sensor array idea by rotating the sensors 90 degrees thereby lengthening the individual sensor tabs that need to pass through the paraffin grain liner. Currently they are just barely long enough to span the diameter of the liner. This makes it very large to secure them before spin casting.

Jim brought over an ink cartridge from the printer we are going to use to try to print the resistive sensors. We removed 5ml of the 19ml of ink and replaced it with 5ml of graphite powder. We will see if this mixture will allow us to print a conductive trace without clogging or seriously degrading the resolution of the printer.

We’ve built a prototype wire pass-through pressure connector patterned after Conax Buffalo Pressure Seal our version use a drilled out ¼” bolt with a small rubber seal and an acorn bolt. A picture can be found here. We will test it to 2000 psi this coming week.

We have also picked up another Tescom regulator so that we can gang together two oxygen tanks because it appears the single regulator cannot deliver the volume we need. We now need to build a manifold to tie the two oxygen sources together.

The two new combustion chambers are coming along nicely. They look great. All that needs to be completed is part of one nozzle and one injector along with placing the snap ring grooves.

Things that still need to be done:

  1. Regression rate sensor

  2. Analysis of Hemholtz method for measuring regression

  3. Build test stand adapter for version 2 combustion chamber

  4. Spin cast a usable paraffin grain

  5. Modify Lab VIEW program to handle sequencing as well as data capture

  6. Build cryo-valve test rig

We will meet again in two weeks. We will likely have another static test fire in 4 weeks.

Action Items: