PSAS/ news/ 2005-04-02

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 04/02/05

In attendance: Tim Brandon, Eric Hettinger, Brian O’Neel, Evan Waymire

Topics Discussed:

Since the hybrid team has been on a hiatus for the last couple of months due to schedules, today’s meeting was to discuss where we are at in the project and how we should prioritize our work to be done.

We have decided to focus on collecting regression rate data from the gaseous oxygen hybrid before continuing on with the liquid oxygen motor.

In order to do this the following tasks need to be addressed:

We will try to complete the metering orifice characterization this week and reconfigure the test stand to do a static firing with the 100 scfm metering orifice by the end of April.

We will use the current combustion chamber for these tests but plan to move to the new combustion chamber once it is completed.

The next hybrid meeting will be in two weeks.

Action Items: