PSAS/ news/ 2004-11-13

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 11/13/04

In attendance : Tim Brandon, Charles Crocker, Maggie Emery, Brian O’Neel, Michael Pence, Jim Ward, Evan Waymire

We spent today modifying the Gox static test stand plumbing so that we can perform a metering orifice validation test two weeks from now. The test will measure the actual mass flow rate and we will then compare this value to the calculated value.

The test will consist of filling a small empty high-pressure bottle with a much larger high-pressure oxygen bottle via the metering orifice.

Here is an early idea on how we might perform the metering orifice test by displacing water in a container. We decided to abandon this idea in favor of a bottle pressurizing method.

Here is the procedure for performing the pressurizing test.