PSAS/ news/ 2004-04-17

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 04/17/04

In attendance: Rainer Anacker, Tim Brandon, Jim Cloer, Eric Hettinger, Brian O’Neel, Evan Waymire


Topics Discussed:

We discussed sensing and data acquisition on the new motor test stand. It was decided to do the following items to start:

Everyone really came through in locating a couple of suitable pressure transducers. We now have 6! Most of which will work great. If not on the lab scale motor then on the larger liquid motor once we start work on it.

We discussed where we should place the pressure transducers in our existing plumbing scheme. Also how we would provide the necessary excitation voltage to the two matched sensors and how we could measure the output signal.

We currently are pursuing two options for signal acquisition. We have the existing Flextek control board on the test stand that can handle 5 analog inputs and is being used to handle the sequencing of the motor tests. The other option is to develop a more elaborate data acquisition system using Labview and a PCI-1200 Mutli-function DAQ board that we can continue to use down the road as we move towards monitoring and controlling a more complex liquid hybrid system.

Also discussed was the layout of the new test stand. One proposed horizontal to vertical firing configuration was reviewed. The idea was brought up to have a design that would be adjustable in positioning the motor from vertical down to vertical up.

What Next:

We decided the next thing to do is to try to get the get the two Barksdale pressure transducers running and calibrate them. This will involve using Evan’s Dead Weight Tester and some form of data acquisition system.

Also we will pursue getting a load cell up and working so that we can also calibrate it.

The other big issue is to finalize a test stand design so that we can start construction of it.

The next hybrid meeting will be in two weeks. We had a discussion and it seems that Saturdays work better in general for those attending. We will have the next meeting on Saturday May 2nd at 12pm.

Action Items: