PSAS/ news/ 2003-11-30

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 11/30/03

Due to approaching finals and a couple of big papers that are due for many of the team members this Sunday’s meeting was cancelled.

In the last couple of weeks headway has been made. The metering orifice calculations are mostly done there's just a few minor details like the losses through our plumbing that need to be accounted for.

A prototype injector/diffuser has been put together to try on the first static firing.

The pneumatic actuator has arrived, we just need to integrate it in with the rest of the plumbing and hook it all up. We are still in need of one check valve.

If we can free up some time in the next couple of weeks things are looking good for a Dec 31st firing date.

The next hybrid meeting will try to be squeezed in before Christmas and we'll need a couple of work parties thrown in somewhere to get everything assembled.