PSAS/ news/ 2003-11-02

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 11/02/03


In attendance: Eric Hettinger, Brian O’Neel, Evan Waymire

Topics Discussed:

Since midterms are happening this week we did not make as much progress over the last two weeks as we had though. Though some things did occur;

Peter completed the pressure vessel analysis and it looks like we'll meet our safety factor = 2 criteria for that. The bolted connection and weld analysis still needs to be completed.

Eric got the new injector plate o-ring, so we are set for the seals.

We picked up a 1/4" 1500psi high-pressure oxygen line that was fairly cheap.

After some discussion it was decided that the regulator we have will not work well for our application and we need a higher-pressure regulator. We ended up buying a 6000 psi Tescom regulator on Ebay that should work fine and also be adaptable to the high pressure feed system for the LOX/Paraffin hybrid.

The bulk of the meeting was centered on discussing the exact layout of the plumbing for the static firing setup. We will be firing from a mobile platform (a trailer about 12' long) so we are trying to layout for that. The plumbing diagram has been modified to reflect this.

We have decided to use a couple of Stainless Nupro valves that Tim has scrounged up to act as manual purge valves so we can depressurize the O2 and N2 systems in the event of solenoid failure.

The action items are the same as they were for the last meeting.

Good luck with midterms :)

The next hybrid meeting will be in 2 weeks.

To Do List: Action Items:

Same as last meeting

Except Eric will be looking for the hardware to couple the Nitrogen flow regulator to the Spartan scientific solenoid.