PSAS/ news/ 2003-10-19

Hybrid Meeting Minutes 10/19/03

In attendance: Peter Bold, Brian O’Neel, Michael Pence, Duftan Sandoz, Jim Ward, Evan Waymire

Topics Discussed:

Meeting centered around getting back on track with development after a brief hiatus in which a lot of time was spent working on the LV2 airframe.

We discussed the critical path items that need to be done before we can static fire the gaseous hybrid. The main things that still need to be finished are:

1) Safety analysis
2) Nozzle design
3) Metering orifice design
4) Injector research and selection
5) Finalize plumbing layout

We have decided that we would like to try to accomplish a test firing near, if not before, the New Year. In order to do this the above items need to be completed. For the most part the bulk of the work lies in research and coming up to speed in 'compressible flow' so we can finish some of the designs. The physical machining will not take long one we have a satisfactory design.

With all this in mind we divide up the workload.

The next hybrid meeting will be in 2 weeks.

To Do List: Action Items: