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Launch Tower

Rohn 25 COTS tower components

In the past PSAS used a vertical person-lifter extended out to 13 feet as the support structure for the launch rail. This piece of equipment was large and cumbersome to move around, and so now a smaller piece of commercially available antenna tower section (a.k.a. Rohn Tower) is going to be used.

Item Description
25G 10 foot tower section
BPC25G Base plate; Normally intended to be imbedded into concrete.
25AG2 3 foot top section tapering down to 18 inch section of 2.5 inch diameter tube
SDB25G Base plate with stake; Out of stock; can be fabricated using BPC25G above
GA25GD Guy wire attachment strut with lugs
KY206BA15 Side mounted antenna support; Availibility 6 to 8 weeks; Can be fabricated using channel stock and U-bolts.

Here's what the old tower looked like;