PSAS/ eCos

Installing eCos

eCos is an open-source RTOS designed to run on embedded systems. Instructions for downloading and installing eCos can be found on the GPL-GPS wiki. You may also want to set up a cross-compiler.

Linux distribution specific instructions for setting up a cross-compiler:

Once you've installed eCos, you'll need to add the configtool path to your $PATH environment variable. In the default installation, configtool is found in ecos/ecos-2.0/tools/bin/

Building the eCos docs

According to Andrew, the eCos folks are bad about updating the html documentation for eCos. However, the sgml documentation is usually current. To build the sgml into pdfs, you'll need the following debian packages:

You may also need one or more of the following packages:

(The ambiguity about the above list comes from needing a RedHat package called docbook-stylesheets. There is no Debian package by that name, so I installed all the packages named docbook-* that looked relevant. If someone wants to figure out which ones are really necessary, go for it.)

Next, go to the directory ecos/docs/sgml and type the following commands:

$ ./makemakefile
$ make pdfletter

If you get a message like "TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [number of strings=55000]", you'll need to edit two lines in /etc/texmf/texmf.d/96JadeTeX.cnf. Make sure the lines that start with "max_strings" look like this:

max_strings.jadetex = 155000
max_strings.pdfjadetex = 155000

Then run update-texmf and try to make the sgml again.